Saturday, September 03, 2005


There are many things that interest me but it seems that not many of them are all that beneficial in an online metaverse that we exist in at the moment. The joys of cooking can be talked about, but I fail to see the purpose when you cannot share in the aromas, the flavors and the fun of burning the hell out of yourself trying to make a sandwich.

However, the technical fields seem to thrive in this environment, as they very well should. The underlying technological layers that support the internet. And within these areas, I would like to make my habitat.

After listening to All Things Considered on NPR on August 22, I developed an interest in the theremin and similar musical instruments that are electronic in their origins. However, very little has been written in Wikipedia as to the methods of creating a theremin and online resources are sparse and generally unhelpful.

Also, I would like to see if I could add some information to online information concerning Jim Varney. Perhaps an informative site just for actors/actresses that haven't really ever been recognized but are still well known for their characters. A sort of "Where are they now" of entertainment.

Finally, in my sampler platter of blogs, I started with those that don't necessarily have main topics but are interesting to me because I have some personal connection to the authors of the sites. Jacqui's blog serves as a good source of entertainment as well as keeping me up to speed with what is happening in her life. It is well written, with links to relevant sites and postings. It also incorporates multimedia into the site fairly well. Unfortunately it is not really the best site to visit with a dialup connection because of the large pictures and content which can make for a very slow loading page.

Wil's blog is also well done. Ok, I admit it. I don't actually know Wil, but like everyone who's ever been a trekkie (even as a naive teenager), I'd like to think that I did. Even if only to then be able to personally mock him. He has created a very good site that makes a person who is well known - though to a small subset of the population - easily accessible and personalized along with the rest of the painfully average masses.

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  1. Blogger ThereminWorld posted at September 05, 2005 3:43 PM  
    We have lots of theremin building info at Stop by, and let me know if you don't find what you need.

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