Sunday, September 11, 2005


Pictures are nice. Worth 999 words or more... It seems that they can also be the cement on a poor blog's feet as it is sent out on the leaky boat of the internet. They seem to draw our attention, instantly bring tears or anger to our hearts, and can also get us to run away like things that run away from other stuff.

I think the good blogs are those that sprinkle images like small pieces of bread that draw in the curious reader. It is as if they say, "Come read this. Look what amazing crumbs there are! The meat and potatoes are even tastier!!!" Something like that. If too many crumbs are left, or the writer just decides to drop bagels along the path to the posting, then you get bears. Nobody wants hungry bears at their blog. Then you have to train them for circus tricks and the small, bear bikes are kinda pricey. I digress.

Pictures are a gift. I think it's best to treat them that way and the blogs that want to overdo pictures seem to resemble a wordy ad instead of coherant thoughts I care about.

Posted by Ben at 9/11/2005 07:09:00 PM


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